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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dear Residents

There had been an unfortunate recurrence of blockages to our Pneumatic Waste Disposal System. The blockages were chiefly caused by irresponsible disposal of unsuitable waste through the main and private refuse chutes of stacks 01 and 10.  Such blockages not only disrupted the use of the refuse chute system but also created a foul stench in the car park and lobby areas. It had also been costly to clear the blockages with costs ranging up to S$5,000 for a serious blockage.

We would like to highlight that the refuse chute network of MBR includes bends before the waste enter into the collection container on Level 3.  Unsuitable wastes that are bulky, lengthy and/or expandable may get stuck negotiating the bends, leading to blockages.

Please therefore kindly refrain from disposing the below waste into the refuse chutes even if you are able to stuff them through the chute hopper.


Do NOT throw these wastes into the chute

Why NOT?

Carton boxes, large pizza boxes

They open up, get stuck and obstruct the chute passage

Big plastic wrapping sheets

They adhere and entangle with other objects and get stuck within the chute bends  

Poles, umbrellas, rolled-up carpets, potted plants

They get stuck at odd angles within the chute bends and obstruct chute passage

Large volume of books

They pile up at the horizontal section of the bends, get stuck and obstruct the chute passage

Pillows, bubble wraps

They expand into unwieldy bulky mass

Hangers, cables, ropes

They get entangled with other waste into bulky mass, get stuck and obstruct the chute passage


Towels, beddings, clothes, rugs

 What to do if you have the above waste?

  • Use the recycling or bulk general waste bins at Level 3, across from the bicycle racks; OR
  • Contact the Concierge at Tel: 6603 6000 for assistance.

Please help us educate your fellow occupants, helpers and guests on the above. You may wish to note that under the provision of our By-law, an administrative fee of S$5,000 will be imposed on any resident who is found (or whose domestic helper or guest is found) disposing large or bulky objects or any other prohibited items into the refuse chutes that resulted in a blockage to the waste disposal system. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further comments or clarifications.

Thank you.


Provision of Electric Car Charging Facility at Level 4 Car Park

Friday, January 27, 2017

We are pleased to inform Residents that we have installed an Electric Car Charging facility within our car park at Level 4 between lots 199/200 and 208/209, which are painted in green.

The Electric Car Charging facility is now ready for use based on the following hourly rates:

i.     Season Parking Holders            -     $2.00 per hour

ii.    Non-Season Parking Holders     -     $5.00 per hour 

New Online Resident Portal for Residents

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

All Residents are invited to sunmit their application form for access to this new Web Portal System.

New Online Resident Portal for Non Resident Subsidary Proprietors

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

All Non Resident Subsidiary Proprietors are invited to submit their application form for access to this new Web Portal System