List of Notices / Circulars

General notices and announcements related to activities around the estate. You must be logged on to see resident only announcements.

Rectification of poor mobile telephone coverage at Marina Bay Residences

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Dear Residents & Subsidiary Proprietors,

The 3 Service providers (SingTel, Starhub & M1) have jointlly work together and replaced the faulty hardware module that was causing the poor mobile coverage in Marina Bay Residences for the past few months . 

Meanwhile, the Residents could also feedback directly to the 3 Service providers if there is any further concern of mobile signals within their premises via the following channels:

1) Singtel Mobile – or Hotline number 1688
2) M1 Limited - or Hotline number 1627
3) StarHub Mobile – or Hotline number 1633

It will be greatly beneficial if the following information below is provided at the point of feedback.

Service Provider (Singtel, StarHub, M1)  
Network Type (3G or 4G)  
Type of Service (Voice or Data Service)  
Location of the issue encountered, Description of the Feedback / User experience.  


Chinese New Year Celebration - Saturday, 16 February 2019

Friday, February 8, 2019

Dear Residents & Subsidiary Proprietors

To usher in the Auspicious Year of the Pig, we are organizing our annual Chinese New Year Celebration for our Residents as follows:

VENUE: Driveway near Main Lobby Entrance & Level 7 Function Room
DATE/TIME: Saturday, 16 February 2019, 10.00am to 12.00 noon

Highlights include
• Lion dance and Dragon dance performance at the main lobby @ 10 am
• Prosperity Toss (“Lo Hei”) & Sampling of Chinese New Year Goodies from 11.00 am onwards at Level 7 Function Room

All Residents are cordially invited to join us in the celebration. It will be a great opportunity to mingle and get to know our neighbours, in the midst of soaking in the Chinese New Year traditions.

To help us with planning, we would appreciate if you could register your interest with the Concierge before 15 Februry 2019.

We look forward to having all of you with us for this special event!

Request From MediaCorp to Residents for filming within their unit premises

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Dear Residents  & Subsidiary Proprietors 

It has been brought to our attention that a request from Mediacorp Pte Ltd has been distributed to Residents’ letter boxes seeking permission for use of Resident’s unit premises for their filming purpose.

We wish to highlight that we strictly do not allow filming in our common areas including the common corridor, lifts and lift lobbies, driveway, car park as well as any aerial views from individual unit’s balcony onto our pool area. This is to maintain exclusivity of Marina Bay Residences and to prevent inconvenience to Residents during filming as well as possible invasion of privacy when Residents and/or their guests are unwittingly filmed during the process.

On the same basis, we strongly discourage Residents from entertaining the filming request.

Residents who nonetheless wish to entertain the filming request are herein advised that the following conditions shall apply for all filming within Marina Bay Residences and that the Management shall at all times reserve full rights to deny entry of the filming team into Marina Bay Residences, order an immediate halt to the filming and for the filming team to leave immediately, in the event of any non-observance of the conditions:

• Full details of the filming including dates / times of filming, name list of filming team / crew / cast, shall be submitted to the Management Office at least one (1) week in advance;
• All filming shall be conducted strictly within the confines of the Resident’s unit premises;
• Filming at any common area of Marina Bay Residences is strictly not allowed;
• Filming shall not extend to any aerial views of the pool area or views of other Residents’ units;
• There shall be no obstruction of the common area or inconvenience caused to other Residents’ enjoyment of the common facilities;
• The Resident shall be present personally throughout the filming duration to ensure full observance / compliance of all conditions by all parties
• The Resident shall be fully responsible and liable for any damage or soiling to the common areas and/or facilities.

Any Resident who is entertaining the filming request is kindly requested to notify and contact our Concierge at Tel: 6603-6000 or email:

Thank you.


Friday, January 18, 2019

Dear Residents and Subsidiary Proprietors

We wish to inform you that we will be adopting a “No Cash Accepted” policy for all payments to the Management Corporation and this shall extend to payments for maintenance contributions, season parking charges, facilities booking deposits, renovation & moving in/out deposits, purchase of transponders or access cards, etc. Please note that a grace period of three (3) months is extended for the implementation of the policy and the “No Cash Accepted” policy will be strictly adopted from 1 May 2019 onwards.

In conformance with the above, Residents are therefore advised that no cash payment will be accepted from 1 May 2019 and all payments to the Management Corporation shall need to be made via cashless payment modes such as cheques, cashier orders, bank transfers, Giro and/or PayNow Corporate.

For payments via PayNow Corporate, please refer to the enclosed guide (pdf file) for details.

Residents requiring assistance or clarification in the above are kindly requested to contact our Concierge at Tel: 6603-6000 or email:

Thank you.