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Residents using Level 3 Private Lift Lobby as Play date area for small children's

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Dear Residents

We will like to notify the Residents that the level 3 Private Lift Lobby area is not meant to be Play date area for small chidren's as we have received several feedbacks regarding this matter from our Residents.

There are also small toys strewn all over the the floor and thase are hazardous if Resident trip and slip on them. 

We will also like to notify Resident's that there is a designated Play area at level 27 and the details of the by-laws under item 10 of the Part B of Recreational & Communal Facilities are as follows;

The children’s play area is located at the 27th Storey.
1. Opens from 7.00am to 10.00pm daily.
2. The playground and its equipment are recommended for children under the age of twelve (12).
3. Noise level should be kept low to avoid causing annoyance to others.
4. Children using these equipment must be supervised by the parent/guardian who shall be responsible for their safety.
5. Smoking is strictly prohibited.

Please advise your family members and especially your helpers that the Private Lift Lobby Area at level 3 is not meant to be used as a Play date area.

Thank you.